Matthew C Good : Hardware, Software, Electronics.

Making Stuff:

Track my progress on my various projects. I might be working on a new mic preamp for my studio, an R/C balsa wood glider, microcontroller projects, modifying or building guitar effects pedals, or web-enabling my fishtank.


I do .NET / Oracle / SQL Server software development by day, and python, php, or machine learning personal projects by night. Other interests include MySQL, Google Maps, Arduino, GIS, and Computational Linguistics.


Listen to some of my music. I write and record folk rock songs, and give my music away. My most recent album is called "The Shortest Distance Between Two Points" and is available for free download.


Let me engineer or mix your next recording project with my mobile ProTools LE studio. I've got quality gear from brands like Digidesign, Soundelux (now Bock Audio), Focusrite, Shure, Yamaha, AKG and more. I have a Bachelors degree in Contemporary Music with a Studio Recording emphasis.


Check out some of my personal photography. I've got photos from trips to Mexico, Paris, Hawaii, Spain, Japan, North Carolina's beaches, the Georgia Aquarium, various Zoos, and the World of Coke. Be sure to see pictures from my day-long trek up to the astronomical observatories atop Mauna Kea.


A personal blog with pictures, programming tips & frustrations, observations about my aquarium fish, thoughts on books I'm reading, and the like.


I like to eat and think about food. See what I'm cooking up and what food books I'm reading.

Resume / Bio:

View my professional qualifications in the software & audio engineering fields, and get a feel for where my interests, reading, and personal projects are heading.